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The Brand
Who are we ?
Découvrez l'histoire d'Entremont et l'essor d'un négoce d'Emmental en Haute-Savoie.

Notre Histoire

Notre histoire prend ses racines en Haute-Savoie au cœur de la famille Entremont. En 1948, les trois frères créent un négoce d’Emmental. Deux années plus tard, ils se lancent dans son affinage et sa commercialisation en faisant parvenir des alpages, jusqu’aux caves d’Annecy, les premières meules qui porteront leur nom.

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Our values

Our cooperative momentum By joining the Sodiaal Group, the leading French dairy cooperative, Entremont adheres to its values: solidarity, equity, and transparency for its producers. And that changes everything! Our group’s cohesion is based on this team spirit and trusting relationship between dairy producers and Sodiaal and Entremont employees. Our expertise Entremont was created in […]

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The history of Entremont

Once upon a time there was Entremont… The Entremont saga is rooted in Haute-Savoie and begins with a love story … between three brothers for a cheese: Emmental. You could say the brothers had true flair when it came to business, starting the Entremont dairy in 1948! Two years later and they had already transferred […]

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