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Tendre Meule

Made from quality French milk produced by our dairy farmers !

Emmental Tendre Meule is rigorously selected from the softest wheels made with French milk produced by our dairy farmers.
This very versatile cheese has something to please everyone!
Combining creaminess and suppleness, it is the treat to put in the middle of the table during family meals: cut into small cubes as an aperitif, served in a salad as a starter, in a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, or simply before dessert.


• Format : 250g, 500g

Nutritional values

Nutritional values per 100g

Calories : 1532kJ / 369 kcal

Total fatSatured FatTotal carbohydrateSugarsProteinSodium
29g19g<0,5g<0,5g 27g0,5g


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