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Fabienne, Productrice

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Fabienne has been producing milk in Illifaut in the Côtes d'Armor since 2010. With her husband Dominique, they manage a herd of 70 Prim’Holstein cows on a farm of more than 75 ha. A woman of character who proudly defends "French eating".

Can you describe a typical work day for us?

Promote the French industry, it’s essential… We fight every day to offer the best milk!

What is your role as a "milk producer"?

Keep animals healthy to provide the best milk! The quality of milk depends on the diet and well-being of the cows. We feed our animals with a mixture of grass, corn, soybean or rapeseed, minerals and straw. A balanced diet allows you to have a high protein level. Level control, samples are taken by the dairy at each collection every 48 hours to verify compliance and 3 times a month more extensive checks are carried out to detect the presence of germs or cells. As soon as an anomaly is detected, we rule out poor quality milk.

For the well-being of our cows in the barn, we have installed mattresses for sleeping. Thanks to these precautions, we can guarantee quality milk to the dairy cooperative.